The main purpose of the barbed wire fence is to create a border and limit intruders, thieves and stray animals. Security fences give priority to privacy, safety and protection. There are now a variety of fences that can meet your goal of increasing the security level.Some fences look very fashionable, while others are just ordinary fences.A common and most popular type of fence is barbed wire fence.

In a barbed wire fence, the wires are twisted together to form a barbed rope that extends a short distance of 5 inches or even 6 inches from the fence. This type of fence system helps deter animals that will find a way through the fence.

Place of OriginHebei China
MaterialHigh quality low carbon steel wire, iron wire, etc.
CategoryHot dipped galvanized,Electric galvanized ,PVC coated
Weaving and CharacteristicTwist weaving,firm and beautiful,corrosion-resisting and oxidation-resisting.
UsingUsed as barrier for lawn, railways, expressways,etc
Specification2 strands,4 points.Barbs’ distance 3-6 inches

Barbed wire can cause many problems. It is obvious how an animal or child is caught by a sharp barb. Don’t use it in the wrong place.

  • Barbed wire is not suitable for horses
  • You shouldn’t have a child by your side
  • Do not use it for pet control
  • Border fences are also taboo
  • Vinyl fence gives you a better choice


Dingzhou BEST Hardware Co,. Ltd was established in 2004. Mainly producing various nails, iron wire, mesh and sintering mesh.

  • Nails: roofing nails, common nails, and concrete nails and so on.
  • Iron wire: galvanized iron wire, black iron wire
  • Welded mesh,hexagonal mesh, sintering mesh, and further .

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Note: The barb is very sharp, and the barb can easily cause serious injuries. When installing a wire fence, wear gloves for protection.

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