Concrete nail with special materials, concrete nails are specialty nails compared with common iron nails. It is harder, the shank is short and thick commonly and it has excellent piecing and fixing strength.

Zinc coated concrete nail specification:

Product Name Zinc coated concrete nail specification:
MaterialCarbon Steel 45#/55#
Hardness>HRC 50°
Type of ShankSmooth, Straight Grooved, Spiral, Angular Spiral
Type of PointDiamond Point, Needle Point
Type of HeadFlat Head, P Head, T Head, Flat Round Head, Round Head
Surface TreatmentGalvanized, Boiled Black, Polished, Coated
Main MarketPakistan, India, Bangladesh, Middle East, Africa, etc.

Concrete Nail Advantages:

  • (1) The surface after polishing and electroplating, strong resistance, anti-corrosion and antirust.
  • (2) Groove is clear, surface is smooth,no burr.
  • (3) Galvanized treatment, refused to rust, durable bright.
  • (4) Nails are more sharp, easy to nail in, save time.


  • Concrete walls
  • Stone and masonry structure
  • Decoration field
  • Wooden furniture
  • Electrical component
  • Household and other building construction purpose

Concrete Nail Packing Detail:

(1) bulk packing, 25kg/ctn

(2) small packing: 500g/small box,50boxes/ctn

(3) small packing: 1kg/small box, 25boxes/ctn

(4) small packing:1kg/plastic bag, 25bags/ctn

(5) at customers’ special request on weight

(6) with or without pallet

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