Detailed Product Description

Material:Iron WireMesh:16 Mesh*18mesh/30mesh*30 Mehs/18mesh/18 Mesh
Roll Length:20M,Can Be CustomizedWeave Type:Plain Weave
Wire Diameter:0.15mm-0.3mmFeature:Bright /Passivation

Electric Galvanized 30Mesh*30Mesh*1.2M*20M*6.5kg Window Screens Can Used As Insect Screen

  • Materials: low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, Al-Mg Alloy wire, galvanized wire, PVC wire, aluminum wire.
  • Uses: used for industrial purposes, window doors and poultry’s guards, sieves, filters and other purposes.

Aluminum alloy window screen

Material: Aluminum magnesium alloy single wire
Mesh Size: 14*14mesh,16*16mesh,16*14mesh, 17*15mesh, 18*14mesh,18*16mesh, 18*18mesh , 19*17mesh ,20*20mesh
Wire Diameter: 0.15 mm – 0.3 mm
Width/Roll: 0.5m – 2.5m
Length/roll:15m-300m, as you need
antirat, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, good toughness,
high tensile strength, rustless, various colors fadeless.
widely used in home decoration, install in doors and windows and corridors.

Fiberlgass Insect Screen

Fiberglass Screen is made of fiberglass under the process of plastic-coating, plain weaving and high temperature-fixing. Fiberglass screen is well ventilate, well transparent, anticorrosive, resistance to burn, easy washing, strong tensile force, keeping shape, long service life and feels fine when touch it…It is widly used inventilation and insect proof for the commerce office building, residence, construction, ranch orchard and so on.

Galvanized window screen Information

1. Size: 18*16mesh, 18*14mesh, 16*16mesh, 16*14mesh, and so on. 1
2. Width: 61cm, 71cm, 80cm, 100cm, 110cm, 122cm, 142cm, 140cm, 160cm, 152cm, 162cm, 183-280cm111
3. We can make the size, color and mesh of window screen according to the customers requirement. 11
4. Main color: Grey, Black, Green, Yellow.

Stainless steel wirescreening10×1014×1416×1618×1818×1422×2224×24BWG18BWG24BWG38BWG37BWG36BWG35BWG343’×100’4’×100’1×25M1.5×25MMaterial:304, 316,316L
Galvanized iron windowscreening10×1014×1416×1618×1818×1422×2224×24BWG31BWG32BWG33BWG343’×100’4’×100’1×25M1.2×30M1.5×25MElelctric galvanized afterweavingWhite or light-blue
Enamelled iron windowscreening10×1014×1416×1618×1818×1422×2224×24BWG31BWG32BWG33BWG343’×100’4’×100’1×25M1.2×30M1.5×25MGreen or dark green
Aluminium coated ironwindow screening10×1014×1416×1618×1818×1422×2224×24BWG31BWG32BWG33BWG343’×100’4’×100’1×25M1.2×30M1.5×25MSilver
Plastic wire windowscreening12×1214×1416×1618×1822×2224×24BWG31BWG32 3’×100’4’×100’1×25M1.5×25MMesh12,14,16: hinged weaveMesh18,22,24: plain weaveWhite,blue,green,etc.
Aluminium wire windowscreening10×1014×1416×1618×1818×1422×2224×24BWG31BWG32BWG33BWG343’×100’4’×100’1×25M1.2×30M1.5×25MMaterial:AL-MG. Alloy orEnamelled aluminiumwindow screening

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