Building Materials Concrete nail are made of hardened steel. It usually have longitudinal grooves along the length of the nail shaft. It can help them spiral through very hard material when driven.  These nails are thick and strong.  They are designed to be fixed in concrete, concrete blocks and mortar joints.

Building Materials Concrete nail shank:

  • Barbed Shank: With excellent holding power, this nail is designed to be used on strong, hard woods.
  • Smooth Shank: These provide a lot of versatility for dozens of jobs, which is why they are the most common type of nail.
  • Ringed Shank: These are used most for soft- to medium-density woods. And so on.

Concrete Nail Specification:

Length(inch)Length(mm)Shank Diameter(mm)


  • Excellent anti-bending, anti-crack performance.
  • Fluted shank provide greatest holding power.
  • High resistant to withdrawal.
  • Various surface coatings for increased durability.
  • Various nail shank types for different requirements.

Building Materials Concrete nail Packing Detail:

(1) bulk packing, 25kg/ctn

(2) small packing: 500g/small box,50boxes/ctn

(3) small packing: 1kg/small box, 25boxes/ctn

(4) small packing:1kg/plastic bag, 25bags/ctn

(5) at customers’ special request on weight

(6) with or without pallet