4 common types of chain link fences

There are many different types of chain link fences, which are deeply loved by users at home and abroad.

Chain link fence has many applications in both residential and commercial areas. Not only is it easy to install, but it is also versatile. It is a functional, affordable and versatile option. If you want to enclose a backyard, commercial building, or industrial area. In fact, chain link fence is ubiquitous, and you probably see them every day.

types of chain link fences

Following are 4 common types of chain link fences:

1. Plastic coated chain link fence

PVC chain link fence

Plastic-coated chain link fence is made of plastic-coated wire. These are the most common types of chain link fences. The inner wire adopts galvanized iron wire. The outer surface is wrapped with a layer of PE particle plastic. Ultimately achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion.

Advantages of plastic-coated chain link fence:

The surface is coated with PVC or PE material, which is not easy to corrode and has a long service life.

The plastic-coated wire has various colors, a beautiful appearance, and a decorative effect.

Application of plastic-coated chain link fence:

  • Applicable to various school organs, stadiums, and stadium fences.
  • Raising chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, and zoo enclosures.
  • Protection of mechanical equipment, highway guardrail, road green belt protection net.
  • After making a box-shaped container, fill the cage with rubble, which can be used to protect civil engineering.
  • Manufacture of handicrafts, conveying network of machinery and equipment.

2. Galvanized chain link fence

GI chain link fence

Galvanized chain-link fence is a kind of chain-link fence. Their types of chain link fences are rust-resistant. It is made of electro-galvanized wire and hot-dip galvanized wire.

Advantages of galvanized chain-link fence:

Using high-quality low carbon steel wire.

The surface is electro-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment.

Strong protection and long anti-corrosion time.

Application of galvanized chain-link fence:

  • Refrigerated in the warehouse, and tool room.
  • Protective reinforcement.
  • Parks, zoo enclosures, and marine fishing fences.
  • Construction site fencing, protection of machinery and equipment.

3. Slope protection chain link fence

Slope protection chain link fence

Slope protection chain link fence is also known as warp weft net and green chain link fence. Their types of chain link fences are weatherproof and corrosion-resistant. Generally, it is made of galvanized wire below 2.5mm, galvanized modified wire, and plastic-coated wire.

Advantages of slope protection chain link fence:

The surface is flat and the structure firm.

Inexpensive and durable.

Good anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation.

Application of slope protection chain link fence:

  • Slope support, roadbed reinforcement.
  • Shotcrete hanging net, foundation pit support.
  • The rock face of the mountain is hung with net shotcrete.
  • Slope vegetation (greening).
  • Agricultural construction and construction industry reinforcement and protection.

4. Mining chain link fence

Mining chain link fence

Mining chain link fence is also called a coal mine chain link fence. It is a kind of chain link fence that is woven with galvanized wire or plastic-coated wire for edge gripping. It plays a very good role in protecting mine safety and preventing mine accidents.

Advantages of Mining chain link fence

The width of the mesh is wide, the wire diameter is thick, and it is not easy to corrode and has a long service life.

The weaving is simple, beautiful, and practical, with strong tensile force and high toughness.

The plastic-coated wire warp and weft mesh have the characteristics of anti-static.

The overall strength and side net are high, and they are not easy to be torn during installation.

Application of Mining chain link fence

  • Ideal material for coal mine foundation road protection, roof protection, and false roof.
  • The wire mesh is connected with a diamond hook, even if one wire breaks, it will not affect the other parts.
  • Completely solve the problems of easy loosening hanging when supporting the roof and coal gang.

BEST Hardware supplier of chain link fence

Best hardware presents a well-proven, popular, versatile, cost-effective, and easy-to-erect fencing system suitable for a wide variety of applications like Perimeter Fencing, Security Fencing, Sports arenas, Tennis courts, Golf Courses, etc. Various types of chain link fences for your choice.

  • BEST Hardware fence offers you the option of Chain Link Fencing fabric made of Plain Galvanized Wire and PVC coated Galvanized Wire.
  • The Chain Link Fencing fabric is made from wire of varying diameters depending on the application.
  • PVC Coated GI Wire fabric gives an attractive appearance with its range of colors.
  • It also has better durability on account of its better resistance to Corrosion, Abrasion, Fading, Weathering, Peeling, Chemicals etc.
  • PVC coated fencing is primarily available in Green color. Other colors are also possible based on buyer preferences.
  • BEST Hardware fence has set up its own state-of-the-art machine shop to fabricate various types of Chain Link Fencing according to customer requirements.
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