Black annealed wire is also called black iron wire, soft annealed wire and annealed iron wire. It includes annealed wire and black oiled iron wire.

The annealing line provides excellent flexibility and softness .The black oiled iron wire is formed through a process of wire drawing, annealing and fuel injection. We can make it into a straight tangent line, or according to the special requirements of customers.

black oiled iron wire

Producing Process:

The annealed busbar is processed from a low carbon raw material Q195 by wire stretching and annealing process. Annealing is a tensile strength of the steel wire. Sturdy furnace, built with red bricks. The building of annealing furnace is a rectangular square. Different thickness wires require different temperatures. The heat treatment range is 70 ° C to 90 ° C. The tensile strength is 400 n ~ 600n. Standard coils are 10kg, 25kg, 50kg and 100kg.

Annealed Wire Specification:

(1). Material: Q195, Low carbon steel wire

(2). Element composition is as follows: C≤0.07; S≤0.023; Si≤0.09; Mn≤0.32; P≤0.025.

(3). Diameter: 0.30mm-4.19mm

(4). Tensile strength: 30-55Kgs/mm

(5). Elongation: 10%-25%

Main characters for black oiled iron wire:

High tensile and flexibility
Softer than normal black wire
Uniform softness and firmness in chroma
Low cost and more economic choice
Easy to handle and install
Various sizes and packing available on customer’s requirement
Ideal for binding or other mesh making

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