Black annealed steel wire is also called black iron wire, soft annealed wire and annealed iron wire. It includes annealed wire and black oiled wire. Annealed wire is obtained by thermal annealing. It is made of carbon steel wire. Annealed wire provides excellent performance

Flexibility and softness are obtained through an oxygen-free annealing process. The black oiled wire is formed through a process of wire drawing, annealing and fuel injection. We can make it into a straight tangent line, or according to the special requirements of customers.

black annealed steel wire

Black annealed steel wire Specification:

Model NumberBlack Annealed Iron Wire
MaterialQ195,Q235,SAE1006/1008 etc.
Surfaceannnealed,with oil
Wire Diameter0.35-4.2mm
PackingCoil or Spools
ApplicationConstruction and building
Colorbright black
Coil weight5kg — 500 kg,as your requires
Featureflexible and soft
Wire Gauge SizeSWG(mm)BWG(mm)Metric(mm)

Packing & Delivery:

Black annealed steel wire package:

1. Wire binding

2. The inner side is plastic film, and the outer side is burlap/woven bag

3. Carton

4. Other packaging according to customer’s requirements.


Black annealed wire is used in civil construction and agriculture. In agriculture, annealed wire is used for haystacks.

At the same time, the black annealing line is widely used as a binding or binding line in buildings, parks and daily bundling.

Black annealed wire is mainly processed into coil wire, winding wire, large package wire or further straightened, and cut into cutting wire and U-shaped wire.

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