Concrete nails for Dubai

How about the business of Concrete nails for Dubai UAE market? Our clients often import BLACK MASONRY NAILS & galvanized concrete nails every month. Also Black concrete nails. A hardened concrete steel nail that has a flat countersunk head and a tapered point and is used for nailing various materials to concrete or masonry.

Brief of Galvanized Concrete Steel Nail for Dubai

Concrete nails are also known as Concrete Steel nails or masonry nails. Steel Concrete nail is a type of mechanical fastener used to secure objects into masonry and other hard and brittle materials.

Round shape head or no head, diamond point, fluted shank, plain shank, or twisted shank, Grooved shank, spiral shank, angular spiral twisted shank. Length: 1″, 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″, 3″, 4″ or according to your request.

Galvanized Concrete nails for Dubai markets--BEST Hardware-22.5.25

Treatment: electro-galvanized or hot-dip galvanized. Standard Packing: 1kg*25boxes, 50Boxes/carton, 25kgs/box, 25kgs/woven bags or per your request.

More about galvanized concrete nails

BESTFOR Brand Concrete Steel Nails are one of the most commonly used names in concrete nails in households and facilities alike. The key reason behind their utility and popularity is the strength of design.

Thanks to the steel made of the nails. They are able to penetrate deep into concrete and brick walls, without deterring or faltering in the holes. The flat beating head of the nails is smooth and even, hence maximizing the impact of every hammering thrust on them.

Typical properties of hardened steel nails for concrete

  1. Manufactured from special high carbon steel.
  2. Strict quality control during the manufacturing process.
  3. Extreme hardness (>52 HRC) and flexibility (bending resistance 900).
  4. Easy hammering-in and higher pull-out value.
  5. Specially hardened for maximum safety according to DIN 7255.
  6. Hardened and tempered on modern fully automatic equipment in a continuous process.
  7. Strict quality control during the manufacturing process.
  8. High hardness and flexibility.
  9. Safe and guaranteed.
  10. Concrete nails for Dubai, are Made in CHINA.

Stainless Steel Sizes are as follows

Stainless steel nails are finished with stainless steel wire. These material nails have stainless steel common round nails, stainless steel roofing nails, and ring shank nails.


Black Concrete Steel Nails for Dubai

Length19.1mm25.4 mm38.1 mm50.8mm63.5mm76.2mm88.9mm101.6mm
Diameter2.5 mm3.0 mm3.0 mm3.8 mm3.8mm4.2 mm4.5 mm5.0 mm
Galvanized/Colorful Plating/Yellow Coating/Hot Dipped /Black Zinc Plated

Above black steel nails, sizes are the regular sizes for the Dubai Uae market. Meanwhile, we also accept customized. If you have own thickness by length, we can make it for you, also the small red packing box & outer carton.

Foto about different types of concrete nails for Dubai markets

Black steel nails for Dubai are very popular in GCC countries.

Black-steel-nails-for-Dubai-BEST Hardware 22.5.25

Groove shank concrete steel nails for Dubai Uae


Spiral shank concrete nail:

Spiral shank concrete nail - BEST Hardware 22.5.25

Angular Spiral concrete nails for Pakistan

Angular Spiral shank concrete nails--BEST Hardware

Packing details of Dubai black Concrete nails

  • In a small box of 100 pcs, 10 such boxes in a medium box, then several of which in a carton
  • In the small boxes of 1 kg each, 20 boxes in a carton
  • Loose in a carton of 20/25kgs net
  • According to customer requirements

Delivery of concrete nails for Dubai Markets

Loading and confirmed of concrete nails for Dubai markets

BEST Hardware nail making plants

Application of black steel nail for Dubai

  1. Concrete nails are widely used in building construction and in home improvement projects. Galvanized concrete nails are the most common type and are widely used.
  2. CONCRETE NAIL STEEL 1 1/2″-Premium quality Concrete iron nails for walls with thick and ribbed shank for easy piercing and strong holding strength.
  3. For masonry walls, hanging photo frames & wall Mirrors,s and other decorative items.

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