Wire material:

  • Blue, green, yellow and other colors of galvanized steel wire
  • PVC coated iron wire.

Double twisted barbed wire can be installed to deter and prevent aggressive surrounding intruders. Joints and cutting blades are installed on the top of the wall. The special design makes climbing and touching very difficult.

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At present, application fields:

  • Prisons
  • Detention centers
  • Government buildings
  • Other national security facilities in many countries

In recent years, barbed tape has become the most popular high-grade fence netting. It not only for military and national security applications, but also for villas and social fences and other private buildings.

Compilation method:

Double twisted barbed wire has two wires twisted together and attached with wire barbs. This type is much safer than single-barbed wire with high tension. The weaving method is one main wire.

Our service:

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Dingzhou BEST Hardware Co,. Ltd was established in 2004. Mainly producing various nails, iron wire, mesh and sintering mesh.

  • Nails: roofing nails, common nails, and concrete nails and so on.
  • Iron wire: galvanized iron wire, black iron wire
  • Welded mesh,hexagonal mesh, sintering mesh, and further .

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Note: The barb is very sharp, and the barb can easily cause serious injuries. When installing a wire fence, wear gloves for protection.

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